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11 Hours

In eleven hours I will be baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am so excited. And then in 35 hours, I will have the gift of the Holy Ghost with me always as my constant companion. I cannot believe it. I have so much to do before 1030 tomorrow.

My todo list:
*finish anti-Mormon book from my parents
*write my parents and sisters letting them know that I am going to be baptized into the Church and that I did read the book and that I have a testimony about the truth of this Church and the Book of Mormon
*Make sure my clothes are unwrinkled and that I have a change of underclothing for after baptism
*watch a soccer game at 630 (what? I am not that obsessed)
*wake up my aunt to make sure she gets here in time
*take a shower

I am not sure what else but I am sure there is more. I can do it.

Anyway, yay for baptism!


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