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I am a yo-yo. I mean, seriously, I am a yo-yo… in my Scripture Readings. I am ashamed to say that thus far, without fail, after I have had a good week of doing my Scripture Reading, I am sure to have a bad week of not doing it. I am ashamed of this fact.

But I am getting ahead of myself. So to better understand today’s story, I am going to go back to last Sunday…

Last Sunday I was set apart in two different callings. First I was set apart as a Visiting Teacher Coordinator. The Bishop’s 1st Counselor did the setting apart, and in his prayer, he prayed for my help in find a job. Then after Relief Society, I realized that I was never set apart in my initial calling. As a new member of the church, I hadn’t realized that you needed to be set apart for each calling. So I trekked down to the Bishop’s Office and I waited to see him. I had a few questions to ask him about the calling and after we were finished talking, I told him that I had realized that I had never been set apart for this calling. He apologized and then set me apart, including in the prayer, a blessing for me to find a job.

I felt so happy and joyful. Then on Monday morning, I received a phone call telling me that I had been hired! This really strengthened my testimony about the power of the Priesthood. I mean, the priesthood and prayed specifically for me to find a job, and then first thing the next morning it happened. Heavenly Father is so kind and he has blessed me so much.

And this is where we get into me being a yo-yo. With my new job, I was waking up at 5:30 am so I could get to work on time. Because of this, I did not want to wake up earlier than that to do my devotions… I do love my sleep. I told myself that I would do them when I got home from work. But when I got home, I was so exhausted that I could not keep my eyes open. I told myself that it was just one day and I would make it up the next. But the same thing happened the next day and then the day after that. Next thing I knew, it was Friday and I hadn’t done my devotions once that week.

This is where Heavenly Father intervened and gave me a “scolding”. This week I was undergoing training to take over for an accountant as a bookkeeper.  I knew that starting this up coming Monday, my hours would be cut back to 20 a week. I had thought that my hours would be 8:30 – 12:30. But on Friday, the boss came in and said that she had decided that she would rather I worked 1-5 pm.

And this is how Heavenly Father made sure that I have the time to do my Scripture Reading in the mornings before work. Plus, Heavenly Father knows how much I like sleep, and so now I will not have to wake up at 5:30 am! Heavenly Father really is a kind, loving Father. He answers the prayers we do not even think to pray and makes sure that we cannot make excuses that we just want to make as for why we cannot do what we should be doing. He calls us out on our excuses because He loves us and wants us to be the best that we can be!


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Well, it has been a long time since I posted an update, and for that, I am sorry!

Lately, Church things have been going so well. I have TWO callings. SAY WHAT?!? I went in to talk to the Bishop today about my first calling and after clearing some things up for me, he said that the Relief Society President really felt that I should be called to be a Visiting Teacher coordinator. My first calling is that of putting together a newsletter for all the missionaries in our Stake and printing it out and sending it to the missionaries. He even called me an assistant for it. I created a Google document for the newsletter and split up the wards between us so that whenever one of us gets a message, we can add it. It makes it so much easier to collaborate.

(Yes, I would send letters to the missionaries on the moon, as well. LOL)

I have been to the temple three times, and I love it. I went to the temple last on Thursday, and I was able to do baptisms for 10 people and confirmations for 10 people. I love doing temple work. Sometimes I like to imagine their happiness the moment they realize that someone has been baptized on behalf of them so that they can be saved. It makes me happy and feel like I am truly doing something good. Some other times, I think about what it would be like to be in Spirit Prison just waiting for someone to do your work for you. I am so glad that I discovered and accepted the truth while still on earth.

(This is the San Diego Temple, but I think it is my favorite temple… I go to the Fresno Temple, though)

This last week, I actually read my Scriptures every day and I journaled as well. Journaling is not something that comes easy for me. I don’t like putting my thoughts and feelings on paper because it makes me feel vulnerable. Like anyone can pick up my journal and invade my private feelings. I am the oldest of four girls, and we are all incredibly nosey. If you leave something open (email or facebook) you can guarantee that someone else will read your emails. However, I realized, so what if they read my journal on about things going on in my life about the church? Maybe if they do read it and see my testimony and how happy I am in the church, they will want to join too. I promised my parents that I would not talk to my sisters about the Church and try to convert them, but if they stumble upon it on their own, I didn’t really lie, right?!?

I am still struggling with some things, though. I am still unemployed and having trouble even landing an interview. I don’t even know where to look for jobs, anymore, because it seems all the website are just spam. I applied for several and I got back a naked picture. And another place spam called me three times. And then there are just the sketchy things where you are pretty sure it is fraud. It is so confusing/annoying. Some people seem to just stumble upon jobs, and then I can’t get a break. Okay, end of pity party. I am trusting in Heavenly Father that something will come along. I will just continue to try to find and apply for jobs. I had to ask my aunt to loan me money a week ago so that I could pay my bills. It was really embaressing to do, but I had bills to pay and I had to do it. But I know that this too shall pass!

I have noticed how much happier I am now that I am a member of the Church. Sure, there are things that make me unhappy, and at times I struggle from depression. It hurts when my family pushes me out of many of the aspects of their lives, though I am sure they don’t do it intentionally. But on the other hand, I have had an addiction (I am not going to say which of the many addictions there are out there to have) and I am not going to go into why I suffer from this particular addiction, but since doing my Scripture reading this week, I have not felt the draw the says that I will die if I don’t give in. I have felt temptation, but I have been able to push it away and not give in. I know that it is because of the strength the Lord has given me because of my obedience to the Lord. I have felt so blessed by Heavenly father and I love Him so much!

Anyway, I hope that you all have a great week! I hope to update sooner than this last time!

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